While we are only 130 km from Athens and 12 km from the nearest urban web (the city of Argos), at Hopeland you are immediately found in virgin nature. Perennials, shinas, thyme, couramries and heather, along with ancient olive trees, give the image of absolute nature. We wanted to create a special and unique way of hospitality within this natural environment in which a conventional construction would not fit.

The four pillars that characterize us as "Tradition, Culture, Environment, Personal Development" could not lack a form of simple physical construction. We dared it and the result is more than rewarding.




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The accommodation conditions are extraordinary. The hospitable, strawbale constraction, which looks like it breathes with its patrons, could be described as a refuge, and offered for collective living. It has been created with inspiration, love and volunteer work to meet the needs of the goal of our venture. It is not a hostel and is not rented to individual guests. It can accommodate a group of 10 -20 people who want to find themselves in nature, work and live collectively. The loft of the two-storey single space, where there are bunk beds with mattresses and pillows, is available for sleeping. You need to bring your own sleeping bag or bed sheets, blankets and pillowcases. Additional people can sleep on tents in the estate, if the weather allows it and the company wishes it.



A place like ours could be a destination for many different groups and actions.

Schools that are interested in environmental excursions would have much to see and do.

Scouts have already visited us and consider our destination a great opportunity to implement their programs.

All kinds of groups for nature activities (team building, corporate excursions, nature-loving groups, etc.) will find a natural environment for the application of their actions.

Our destination is excellent for small groups of nature lovers and hikers who can take advantage of the unique path to Mycenae, which we opened up.

Cyclists can also find excellent routes from simple to difficult to very difficult, and staying at our facilities they can browse accordingly.





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